Membership Rules


Membership Rules

1. Membership Card

A Membership Card is included on the first page of the Wasatch Savings Guide book. Remove it and carry it with you. There is no need to show your guide to receive your discount. The website and Wasatch Savings Mobile Apps are for reference, and you MUST purchase a physical Savings Guide with Card in order to receive discounts.

Download our smartphone app and register your card for even more savings year round!

You must present your Wasatch Savings Card to receive your discount, including the FREE Bonus Coupons. The ONLY things you need to remove from this guide are the FREE Bonus Coupons on pages 5 & 7 (of physical book).

The great savings in this guide allow you to try more businesses than would normally be possible. Please help us make future Wasatch Savings Guides even better by trying many new and different businesses. It is the merchants who make this savings guide so great.

Do not lose your card. There is a fee for replacement: $20 for Cards. $15 For Books.

You will receive only one discount per card, unless stated otherwise in the ad.

2. One Time Discounts

All discounts that have a validation number are one time use (per number) only. If in doubt, please check with the establishment before service. Some businesses may choose to track your one time use with their own system instead of using validation numbers.

To receive your discount (one time offer) simply show your membership card and the merchant will mark their validation number on the back to record that you have received your discount.

3. All Year Discounts

For all year / unlimited use discounts (those without a validation number, or that state ALL YEAR or Unlimited Use on the discount) just show your card. Feel free to use these as often as you like, unless restrictions are listed such as “only one use per day”.

If in doubt on the type of discount, please ask the establishment prior to service in order to avoid possible problems or confusion.

4. Other Promotional Discounts/Offers

Wasatch Savings discounts are exclusive, and may not be combined with: discount priced daily specials, senior citizen’s rates, sale items, award programs, other discount/dining programs or any other discount or offer of any kind, unless specified by the merchant. If in doubt, please ask the establishment prior to service.

5. Holidays

All major holidays are excluded, unless specified by the merchant (including the following):

Christmas Eve/Day
New Year’s Eve/DayThanksgiving
Mother’s Day
July 4th & 24th
Father’s Day
Valentine’s Day

6. Restaurant Discounts - Rules Of Use

Two-For-One Dining
  • With Two-for-One Entree discounts, the restaurant will deduct the price of the least expensive entree or menu item.
  • Two entrees must be purchased at the same time.
  • Any additions, taxes and tips will be an extra cost.
  • Market Priced items, such as Lobster, and some specialty items are excluded.
Dining In Groups
When more than two people dine together, the following rules apply:
  • Please notify the establishment that you will be using Wasatch Savings Cards, and ask them if they prefer you to use separate bills per card, or one bill for the table.
  • Only one discount per card
  • No more than 3 Wasatch Savings Cards may be used per party/table. If three couples are dining, then three cards may be used, deducting the cost of three entrees. If two couples are dining then two cards may be used. If three meals are ordered, only 1 card may be used (two entrees per card required). If in doubt, please ask the restaurant prior to ordering, or call Wasatch Savings.
  • Please do not take advantage of the restaurants or abuse the Wasatch Savings offers, for example ordering two items (one free) for a group of people to share.

7. Tipping

Please tip at least 15-20% of the FULL AMOUNT of the TOTAL BILL before the discount is subtracted. You are given service for the full price of the meal. Thank you!

In order to help our customers have great service while dining, as well as to help our restaurants offer amazing discounts: Restaurants (where tipping is customary) have the option to automatically add up to 15% gratuity of the pre-discounted price of the bill

8. Locations

Discounts are only valid at the address locations listed on the ads. Not all locations participate in the promotion. Please check carefully.

9. Problems & Contact Information

Should you ever experience any problems with the merchants found in this guide regarding their discounts, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can fix the situation quickly. However, Wasatch Savings will not be held responsible if any establishment breaches its contract or refuses to accept cards or discounts.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact Wasatch Savings by phone at (801) 503-0835, or by mail at PO Box 691, Draper, UT 84020. You can also visit us online at e-mail, or at our office at 8730 S. 700 E. in Sandy, UT.