Exciting And Effective Advertising!
The Wasatch Savings Guide is an exciting and effective way to advertise. Locally owned and operated, the Wasatch Savings owners have nearly 20 years experience in publishing savings guides in Utah! This type of advertising has been proven to be effective at increasing cash flow and customers. It WILL bring you new customers, and that means more business for you!

What Makes it Unique?
When you advertise with Wasatch Savings, you are not simply taking a chance that someone will notice your ad. Customers are paying money just to look at and use your ad. Customers will use your business just because you are in the guide. Wasatch Savings WILL bring new customers in your door, helping you expand your clientele!

Simple to Use!
A one year membership includes a quality guide and a membership card. Customers simply see your ad in the guide, come to your business, and show their card. There are no coupons to clip, books to carry, or confusing "special deals" that constantly change.

Distribution of Wasatch Savings!
The Wasatch Savings Guide goes out to our local community as well as the tourist market. The main distribution of the savings guides is through local fundraising. Schools, clubs and groups keep half of the money from each book sold, making it an outstanding fundraiser! In addition, the guides are available through local retail locations and online.

Everyone Benefits!
Participating groups keep one half of all the money from each book they sell. Customers can save thousands of dollars all year long. Merchants gain new customers, increased foot traffic, and increased cash flow. Wasatch Savings is a company that will bring the merchants, consumers, fundraising groups, and community together for mutual benefit.

Your Wasatch Savings Guide will help you save thousands of dollars on everyday expenses.

Wasatch Savings Inc.
11075 S. State Street #12A
Sandy, UT 84070

(801) 503-0835